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Home Improvement Company in Brighton, East Sussex We are experienced painters and decorators. We specialise in the use of eco-friendly paints. However, we will use any specific paint or product that you request. We provide a quotation service for larger jobs.

If you or a family member has a breathing condition, such as asthma, then you should seriously consider using eco-paints when you decorate. If you or a family member suffers from any other sort of environmental sensitivity, such as eczema, then you should seriously consider using eco-paint when you decorate.

'Offgassing' is the evaporation of volatile chemicals in non-metallic materials at normal atmospheric pressure. This means that products such as traditional gloss paints can release chemicals into the air through evaporation under normal living conditions. This process can continue for YEARS after the paints are initially applied. Recently the World Health Organisation has become concerned with the matter of offgassing. The problem is also associated with 'sick building syndrome' and 'painter's syndrome'.

So - what can you do?

Well, luckily there are many good products available now that dramatically reduce any health risks associated with paint. In fact, as most eco paints are made to a point of quality foremost, and not a point of price, they are often superior in finish to traditional paints also.

BUT...Be aware that not all so-called 'eco-paints' are the same! Some do contain unpleasant solvents, even though they might be naturally-derived ones. As an asthmatic himself, Green Star's Mike has found some of them to affect his breathing WORSE than traditional gloss paint. In other words, you need to know what you're using!

WHY NOT...Call the professionals and let us do the hard work for you? We have extensive knowledge of the available eco-paints on the market and are experienced decorators. We wouldn't want to use a product in YOUR home or workplace if we wouldn't use it in OURS!

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